Is Dad hard to buy Christmas gifts for? If adults have difficulty choosing holiday gifts for men, think of the problem it is for children. Here are two possibilities.

You can hand out kits at a class and explain the use of every item contained in the kit. The kid’s survival grenade amazon will be an instant hit along with making the kid curious about knowing the current events. This is a nice way to introduce your kid to an urban survival lifestyle.

Attempt to keep contact with your neighbors to make sure everyone is safe and so that you can pool (and later ration) supplies when the situation calls for it.

Know the terrain – This is especially important if you are in an area that that you are unfamiliar with. Understand how wet or dry it is. How steep or wooded. How many trails, and where the nearest human habitation is. Know the surrounding area too in case you find yourself wandering far off course. You can get all this information from readily available topographic maps.

Magnesium fire starter – This is essential for anyone who likes to explore nature. You never know what Mother Nature is going to throw at you, so be prepared in case you have to rough it for a few days. A fire starter could help to get you through a cold night. Click here for some ideas. You will need a knife to use one of these.

LABEL IT. As you’re packing, place removable, colored, circle stickers on your boxes to easily distinguish kitchen items, from bedroom items, from bathroom items, etc. Use a different color for each room. If necessary, make a master list so you’ll know what is in each box. If you can go to your new Tools ahead of time, you may wish to stick a corresponding colored sticker on the door, or door frame, of the room that the box will be delivered to.

If pine cones are not available, twigs will work fine for fire starters. Gather them in sheaves and tie them with ribbon. Stand them up in a basket or bucket. Add a big ribbon to the handle.

As I write this there are Ice Storms happening in certain parts of the country the last death count was 23 people. I have to ask could this have been avoided? Can you avoid this happening to you? Make one of these packs for you and each one of your family and practice with it know it inside and out. If something doesn’t happen that’s great if it does at least you are ready for it.