When it comes to renovating a property, and changing its overall look, both from inside and out, there are many professionals involved. Some of them specialize in landscape design, while others can entirely transform bathrooms. Also, many experts have years of experience in dealing with kitchen and living room decoration and renovation. Usually, every company focuses on a particular area of the house. These professionals know how to take care of a property, and how to improve its appearance. They have the necessary skills and knowledge, and eye for detail. Experts know what would look good, and what wouldn’t.

Have you ever wondered how it would look like to have several professionals working together on a project? Each of them would be responsible for an area of the house they specialize in. One of these projects is DC Design House. It started in 2008 as a unique event, and it is a nonprofit entity. Top area designers took part in this project, where they had the chance to display their talents to the visitors. The purpose of this event was to raise funds for a local charity. However, it attracted more attention than they initially hoped for. If you are curious about it, you can search online for more information. Additionally, you will stumble upon many pictures taken at this event. If you plan to renovate your house anytime soon, or at least to redecorate it, you can find inspiration by taking a look at the ideas of these professionals.

DC Design House evolved into the region’s most prominent annual residential design attraction. It is a leading fundraiser project for Children’s National Health System. Thanks to combined efforts of its founders, organizers, sponsors, design industry manufacturers, local media, and of course, some of the most awarded designers, it has quickly become quite popular. This event attracted the attention of more than 70,000 visitors, resulting in about $1.5 million raised for its goal since its beginning in 2008.

One of the chosen designers for this event is a company D&A Dunlevy. They specialize in landscape design and were responsible for creating and perfecting the appearance of the front entry of the house. This company has years of experience in working in this field, not to mention many satisfied clients. They stand out from their competition thanks to innovative ideas, and competent employees, so it is no wonder they were chosen for this significant project.

These professionals know how to combine different elements and incorporate them, so they achieve the perfect appearance of the garden. They know that the key to a fantastic home begins at its front yard. Without D&A Dunlevy DC Design House maybe wouldn’t be as successful as it was this year. Thanks to combined efforts of several professionals, this project was able to raise funds for Children’s National Health System.